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“If no-one’s telling you you’re crazy, you’re not thinking big enough.”


- Richard Branson




Closed For the Season is a music residential experience inspired by the golden age of music production. While so many studios have downsized and limited their offerings to bring a more economical experience to artists and producers, at CFtS we have chosen to do the exact opposite.


Located in the vibrant (and remarkably accessible) hub of lower Spanish Harlem, ours is a stunning example of the legendary studio of old, updated for the modern era. With both extensive analog and digital capabilities, CFtS is a complete production facility tailoring quickly and easily to how you like to work.


Whether it be the traditional control room/live room studio experience, or “the baddest bedroom setup in the world” or any of our purpose built mobile facilities, CFtS is created by artists for the express purpose of assisting in creating their best art. 


In the music industry, while economics matter, we believe intangibles matter too. In support of that, we have created a magical place to give our artists and producers a luxurious residential recording experience unparalleled anywhere in the world today.


Equipped extensively with an incredible array of high end microphones, outboard gear and consoles by Neve and API, networked extensively with Dante audio connectivity and HD/SDI video feeds, Closed For the Season is set up to very quickly conform to creative and work flows of any style, at any time, in any part of the building. Add to that a palette of dozens of guitars, basses, synths and keyboards along with what has been lauded as “the best sounding studio piano in NY” (a 1929 Mason & Hamlin grand bought new by the owner’s great grandmother) and you have a veritable playground for musical creation of all types and genres.


Staffed 24 hours a day with qualified engineers and equipped with seven Pro Tools Ultimate/HDX licenses, four mobile studios that deploy in moments and 40gps bidirectional transfer rates throughout the entire building, we are here to capture your ideas when the magic is at its freshest. 

Our unique recording experience is complemented by relationships with a fantastic group of goods and services providers, including the world’s best chefs, among them from Per Se, Daniel, and many other of the planet’s finest restaurants (A delightful perk of being in the middle of New York City), Tom Brady’s fitness company, TB-12 with 3 TB-12 training systems on site, Dell’Aria Coffee Roasters which you - and especially your engineers - will absolutely love and Tabl’eau water for clean filtered water on demand at all times. We also have deep connections into the wellness community for yoga, pilates, fitness training, daycare and massage therapy (we have two tables on site), spa services and much more.


But what we care most about here at CFtS is that the creative magic flows through. The history, the building, the residence, the studios, the stories, the energy, the gear, the commitment and the love all come together to make working here one of the most rewarding music creation experiences possible.


We believe that when the experience is different, the music is different.

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