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This House is about vibe, full stop.


Inspiration shows up in all kinds of ways. Oftentimes it is the environment that brings the vibe that in turn helps facilitate the inspiration we seek. The House here at CFtS is uniquely and purposefully designed to inspire. 


Through the design and appointments, every aspect of the House has been considered. This includes incandescent lighting throughout created by lighting artist Bentley Meeker, copious amounts of exposed brick on every floor, amazing art everywhere, exposed century old wood joist ceilings and red oak floors.


Every inch of this building tells a story. 


Modern in functionality, sumptuously designed for comfort, yet raw in feeling, having been built in a completely different era, by staying true to the heritage of this place, we give our artists an authentic and historical place to come up with ideas.

CFTS is comprised of 2400SF (223m) of studio space and 7200SF (668m) of beautifully curated living space. An open plan first floor with a large and very comfortable living area, HUGE open Chef’s kitchen, dining table set for 12, 4 guest rooms on the second floor, each with their own dedicated closed loop climate system, a 2300SF (213m) top floor master suite/studio and a 2400SF (223m) roof deck all come together seamlessly to make creating as comfortable and seamlessly easy as possible.


We believe that when the space is different, the music is different.

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