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The studios at Closed for the Season are designed to capture our artists’ inspiration as close to the moment as possible, right when it happens. We try get to it before it becomes something else. All  studios and the entire facility are locked out solely and exclusively for each client.


STUDIO A is a more typical, traditional studio space with a dedicated George Augspurger tuned control room, a  beautiful 1400SF live room generously appointed with Persian rugs and plush leather couches, loads of instruments of all types and styles at your fingertips and multiple booths with a total of 8 discrete areas with dedicated inputs.


The floor is cut in multiple places, creating discrete vibrational “islands.” The soundproofing is split between the “islands” to ensure that the control room is quiet and that vibration does not pass between areas.


An API 2448/40 desk, fully loaded, Pro Tools Ultimate with HDX processing, Logic Pro, Ableton Live an extraordinary plug in suite, plenty of top shelf outboard gear and a fantastic microphone collection elegantly round out the facility.


Studio A is designed and equipped to rival any major studio in NYC - and the sound is simply phenomenal.


There is a 6 camera live stream setup along with fully automated, Bentley Meeker designed stage lighting so that awesome, very professional looking secret shows and live streams are instantly available.


All of our studios are Dante/CAT8 interconnected with 40gps bidirectional transfer rates and video camera feeds between floors which are conducted through HD/SDI so that players can be in multiple locations and all be visually connected.



Magic is its own reward - (DT)


Studio B has been called by many “The Baddest Bedroom Setup in the World.”


Sometimes recording in a non-traditional space is what is needed. While the established studio format is still exceptionally effective and very common, increasingly common is recording in spaces that are not set up that way. 


Technology has made so much possible and Studio B takes full advantage of that.


Situated in the 2300SF (223m) artists’ suite with a Neve 5088/24 (on wheels) and extensive gobo systems available, Studio B can be configured however, wherever and whenever you want. Add to that an onboard Mac Studio loaded with Pro Tools Ultimate, HDX processing, Logic Pro, Ableton Live and a fantastic plug in suite, along with a healthy complement of excellent outboard gear, Studio B is an extremely versatile and rewarding recording experience. 


As so many producers and artists started in their bedroom, our belief was that putting a world class studio in a world class bedroom would unlock creativity and inspiration of a different sort in a familiar setting. 


We believe that when the studios are different, the music is different.



Studio C, affectionately referred to around here as R2D2, is a full Dante and HD/SDI connected Pro Tools rig on wheels. Designed to come to you.


Wherever in the house you are, whenever inspiration strikes, Studio C can be brought directly to you and hooked up in minutes. Whether in the living areas, in your bedroom or anywhere else in the living quarters, even on the roof, we can help you get your ideas out in minutes, not hours, with takes you can use in the final mix.


Studio C is comprised of a fully loaded Mac Studio, Pro Tools Ultimate with HDX processing, Logic Pro, Ableton Live, a fantastic plug in suite, a BAE 1073, a Tube-Tech CL 1B 8 channels of API mic pres, 8 channels of Rupert Neve Designs mic pres, an Apollo X8P and Antelope Galaxy Synergy Core converter connecting everything to Dante, ensuring that everything is interconnected, sonically matched and sounds awesome. 


A full 16 channel Livemix headphone system, a 288 point patch bay with space for EQs and other outboard gear and an HD/SDI video monitor input allow you to record solo, or connected to everyone else in the house with both audio and video in realtime.


Painstakingly designed and engineered by us for our unique uses here at Closed For the Season, Studio C is a full blown recording studio in an unimposing and unintimidating 20 space rolling rack. Studio C is our - and your - secret weapon to getting your ideas down while they’re still fresh.

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